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Message from Managing Director

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We are living in an exciting era, a time of endless opportunities and challenges. This is a conceptual age! An age of ideas and creativity! In order to be successful in this millennium, we need manpower with an ability to learn, unlearn and relearn. Under these circumstances, education will play a pivotal role in shaping 21st Century. There is a clear need of the hour, we should invest in our children and the best investment is to give them quality education. Further, Chaudhary Group firmly believes that our progress as a nation will be no swifter than our progress in education because the most fundamental resource that a nation needs to grow is through the growth of its human resource. Proper education is the only way to oversee human resource growth.

CG Education is our vertical which is working towards quality education. We started with one unit and today we are one of the major player in this sector. We have passionate and diligent educators in our team who believe that good education is a foundation for better future. Today, CG Education has taken its right place as one of the leaders in Nepal’s education sector. Our corporate belief ‘touching life everyday’ has given us extra onus to ensure that education is one of our top priority. Our senior management is completely committed towards the growth of this segment. CG Education team is working relentlessly to ensure that our educational institutions deliver quality education to the students.Our educational philosophy states that “education must not simply give knowledge and teach about work… it must teach life.”

From the national perspective education is relatively a new sector. Doors of education to all was opened very recently in comparison to other nations of the world. We, as nation have a long way to go! We clearly see two prime goals; “Nation ready and World ready!” It means educate our children, make them competent so that they compete with the rest of the world on equal footings. In short, we have obligation to our group and also towards our country’s education goals. In the end, it is all about our children and they should get the right opportunity to receive quality education. I assure you that CG Education and its units are competent and capable to impart quality education.