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a unit of Chaudhary Group, Nepal’s first multinational company envisions to be the best in educational sector in Nepal. Since its establishment, it has under its umbrella -

  • - The Chandbagh School(SLC and CBSE wings), Maharajgunj
  • - "EL NINO" The Chandbagh Pre-School, Maharajgunj
  • - Delhi Public School, Birgunj
  • - Campion School, Lagankhel
  • - Campion Academy, Lagankhel
  • - Campion Kathmandu H.S. School, Gahana Pokhari
  • - Campion College, Kopundole
  • - CG Polytechnic, CUG, Nawalparasi (vocational training institute)

CG|Education thus caters to all age groups from PG (playgroup) to PG (post-graduate) and is a one-stop educational system in Nepal. We aim to synergize and grow in this sector.

CG|Education aims to promote quality education in the country.  We aspire to revolutionize educational sector in a way that it will inspire others to be an active part of it. Education is held as the beacon of light for the development of man, family, race, country and humanity. Thus, CG wants to leave no stone unturned to ensure that our country gets the best alternatives in education sector.

CG|Education has drafted a long-term vision and strategy in education sector. The major objective is to provide international standard education at an affordable price at doorstep.


To impart quality education with excellence while fostering creativity, discipline and personality development of a child and to achieve the status of the best ranked school in the country. The core educational vision stands on four foundations

  • Academics
  • Extra Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities.
  • Discipline
  • Values and Skills


  • To create leaders in every sector of the society with sound cross-functional knowledge adaptability and analytical skills.
  • To foster and aid in national progress towards a more prosperous, just, and humane socirty.
  • To provide an ideal environment with equal opportunities for maximum scholastics excellence.
  • To imbibe among the students a porfound sense of self-discovery and innovation.


We all are built in a similar way, yet we all have our unique characteristics that differentiate one from another. Each of us has a distinctive identity, from thumb prints to signatures. Most of us have the same body structure and I guess we all start off on an equal footing

It's the power of the human mind the ability to go beyond. Call it lateral thinking or someone being very persistent, visionary, determined and hard working, but these are the result of not letting your mind put up obstructions or barriers. It is the courage to go that extra mile, the will to achieve bigger and better. Why settle for less, when you can touch greatness!

Scientists have established the fact that humans use only about 10 percent of our brains, maximum ability. Someone like Einstein would use about 12 percent. I don't know how much but I am convinced there's an infinite possibility of evolution and growth. Look at the most successful people in the world who had certain vision and have been able to achieve it. What really sets them apart? Taking cue from a quote I have heard often which further strengthens my point: "Life is like a grindstone. It either wears you down or polishes you up, depending on what you are made of." That's what sets successful people apart

How do you go about unlocking this power? Think of your mind like a muddy glass of water. Day by day, more chaos and confusion surround you, it becomes muddier. Remember why as a child you are considered to be pure and have the ability to grasp and learn multiple times faster and more effectively and efficiently than when you are older. It's because the glass was less muddy then; it was cleaner. I believe that one of the solutions to a cleaner mind is meditation. It's not spiritual or religious. It's physics and simple logic. The lesson is to achieve control of your mind. The power lies in your hands, and this is what differentiates us from the rest.

Nirvana Chaudhary,
Managing Director|Chaudhary Group

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