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Campion School

Activities overview

  • Health and wellness programme facilitated through EduSports; a special sports programme to keep students fit and healthy
  • Development of basic skills through creative play and social interaction
  • Phonics and a graded reading programme in Kindergarten
  • Circle time: An activity which promotes feeling of unity, equality and a sense of belonging among students and is conducted by seating the entire class in a circle
  • Star of the week; a part of the ‘know your child’ programme
  • Once-a-week sharing; a part of our language programme followed in Grade I & II
  • School cinema; a weekly film-based learning module to help children understand and reaffirm values, morals and the essential lessons of life.
  • An array of excellent sports facilities, including karate, table tennis, badminton, basketball
  • Meditation classes to stimulate inner state, self-reflection, meta- cognition and awareness of spirituality
  • Art, music and dance classes give all the students a chance to learn and develop their skills and build confidence level
  • V-Star project to cultivate aspiring young leaders known simply as V-Star or Virtuous Star – with virtues, moral principles, and a firm foundation in discipline, respect, and perseverance
  • The 15 Books Campaign is a programme to have students read more and to create a culture of literacy in the school
  • Acting out is using of drama in the English classroom to increases creativity, confidence, ability to perform and speak in public, English language confidence, ability to memorize, and makes learning English fun!
  • Scout weekly class aims to support young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, that they may play constructive roles in society, with a strong focus on the outdoors and survival skills.

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