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The Chandbagh School (SLC)

Activities Offered

  • Swimming Classes: Classes 1 to 7
  • Art & Craft: Classes 1 to 7
  • Singing/ Dance: Class 1 to 7
  • Field Trip/Educational Visit
  • Scout Training
  • Nepal Tour/India Tour
  • Trekking
  • Scout Camping
  • Practical Classes
  • Library & AV Classes
  • School Exchange Program

International Programmes

Edusports: V Star:

Edusports programme is launched to give extra leverage in ECA. This systematic and scientific format’s prime focus is to improve physical capabilities of our students in the Primary level. There is use of Props and sports activities as a pedagogical tool for the developing mental skills, behavioral skills and physical conditioning. This programme covers Fundamental motor skills of children in Primary grades, modified sports in grades 3 and 4 and formal sports in grades 5 and upwards. This structured programme also includes detailed skills and health assessment for each child.

Vstar is a value based activity programme and it is inculcated in the curriculum as it was found to be a base necessity in today’s context. The whole concept is to teach our students the right view, intention, speech, action, effort, livelihood, mindfulness and meditation. These help students to build respect, discipline and patience. It builds good habits through daily activities of learning by doing
  • GSP-Global School Partnership (UK/DENMARK/S.KOREA): EXCHANGE PROGRAMME Class 6,7 and 9.

  • Chinese YCT Examination: Chinese Language Test : Class 4 to 6

  • Cambridge University ,UK,ESOL Examination: Class 1 to 12.

Higher Secondary

  • Industrial visit.
  • Interaction Classes.
  • Review Classes.
  • Cambridge University, UK ,CAE Classes.
  • Presentations by students and teachers.
  • Sports Classes.
  • Multimedia assisted teaching and learnings.
  • ECA & CCA Activities.
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The Chandbagh School (SLC) Bansbari, Kathmandu,Nepal

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